Traveler L4 Wheelchair
Traveler L4 Wheelchair
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Traveler L4 Wheelchair

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Traveler L4 Wheelchair variant "Type: Standard","Size: 16x16"
$449.95 USD
Traveler L4 Wheelchair variant "Type: Standard","Size: 18x18"
$449.95 USD
Traveler L4 Wheelchair variant "Type: Standard","Size: 20x18"
$459.95 USD
Traveler L4 Wheelchair variant "Type: Standard","Size: 20x16"
$449.95 USD
Traveler L4 Wheelchair variant "Type: Desk Arms","Size: 18x16"
$449.95 USD
Traveler L4 Wheelchair variant "Type: ELR","Size: 16x16"
$449.95 USD

Product description:

The Traveler L4 is a high strength, lightweight, Medicare approved K0004 wheelchair designed for both in home and clinical settings.
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Product information

The Traveler L4 weighs less than 34 lbs. and features a dual position axle, multi-position caster forks for 18 or 20 inch seat height adjustment, flip-back desk, and full length arm options for easy lateral movement. Precision bearings and non-marking polyurethane rear tires also expand the longevity of the wheelchair.

Standard Features

  • Available in 16", 18", 20" seat widths. Also 18" and 20" widths with 18" seat depth
  • Quick release axle is available for some models
  • Weighs less than 34 lbs. without front rigging
  • Hammer tone paint provides a long lasting and durable finish
  • Carbon steel frame provides strength and durability
  • Black nylon upholstery with standard chart pocket on back
  • Anti-tippers come standard
  • Tool-free adjustable front rigging
  • Non-marking polyurethane tires
  • Industry compatible front rigging with heel loops standard on swing away footrests
  • Flip-back arms
  • Height adjustable flip-back arms on selected models
  • Height adjustable back
  • Two position axle and caster fork provides 2" seat height adjustment
  • This product is not made with natural rubber latex



Watch the included informative video from Graham-Field to learn more!


View the product specifications below to learn more about your new wheelchair!

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Weight capacity:250 lbs.
Product weight:34 lbs.
Overall dimensions:23" - 27" (W) x 31.5" - 33" (L) x 36" (H)
Seat dimensions:16" (W) x 16" (D) | 18" (W) x 16" (D) | 18" (W) x 18" (D) | 20" (W) x 16" (D)
Folded width:11.5"
Back height:16.5" | 18.5"
Armrests:Flip back, desk length
Footrests:Detachable, swing-away
Leg rests:Elevating, swing-away
Frame color:Black
Upholstery type:Nylon
Upholstery color:Black
Rear wheels:24"
Caster wheels:8"
Axle type:
Warranty:Five (5) year limited warranty on frame

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