Cushions & Pillows

Having a good pillow is crucial to feeling well rested. Pillows are meant to keep your head in a neutral position to prevent sleep deprivation and neck pain. Although they aren't the only product that provides support to your body. There are a variety of different cushions that support your tail bone and generally make it easier to sit in one position for longer periods of time. A wedge pillow also comes with several benefits. By elevating your head during sleep, you provide yourself a better sleeping position, therefore, receiving better quality sleep.




If you sit down at a desk all day in a seat that isn't well padded, it's likely you may develop some back pain. Similarly, if you utilize a wheelchair for extended periods of time, it's possible you'll begin to experience discomfort. You can avoid this by using a seat cushion.

Seat cushions facilitate sitting with proper posture. As a result, the development of a better natural posture makes you less likely to experience chronic back pain and also supplements increased energy and focus throughout the day.



Foam Ring Cushion






Laying on a pillow that doesn't fit to your personal shape can negatively impact your quality of sleep. When slumber is compromised, so are a lot of other aspects of life. Ideally, a pillow helps keep your upper body in alignment throughout the night by relieving certain pressure points. If you experience a loss of sleep due to waking up frequently in the middle of the night, you may want to invest in a new pillow. Pillows come in many different shapes and sizes, including some that are made specifically for CPAP users.



CPAP Pillow


Whether you are new to CPAP, or used PAP therapy before, you know CPAP is, and can be, annoying. Even after getting used to the mask and straps, you might still struggle, not only with discomfort, but with other compliance problems. Between a leaky mask, dry eyes, red lines in the morning, and close to no sleep, you've probably contemplated giving up CPAP entirely. You don't have to give up comfort in exchange for compliance, with the Contour CPAP Pillow, you can have both!





Face Down Wedge




Wedge pillows come many different ways. Some wedges go underneath a mattress to set it at a small incline, which can be particularly useful for people with sleep apnea, or those who experience acid reflux.

Other wedges allow for the user to sleep face down while maintaining a proper spine alignment. This is helpful for front/side sleepers. Wedge pillows can also be used by pregnant woman to support their belly while they sleep on their side.



Having proper support during the night can significantly increase your quality of sleep. Furthermore, creating a softer place to sit during the day can impact your posture, which effects your total energy and focus. At Lindsey Medical Supply, we believe you should have all the support you need, day or night. So, if you're looking for better quality sleep, stop on by and see what we've got! We are located in Oklahoma.

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