Braces are external devices that maintain proper alignment in your joints and prevent unwanted movements. They can be worn inside your shoes, on your wrist, or over your knee to keep you stable. Bracing can also help you lift, swing, and plant your foot if you suffer from dropfoot. Wearing a brace can also benefit those with osteoarthritis, however, some braces may not be suitable for that condition. They may also reduce pressure and swelling caused by injury or other ailments. Read on to learn more.




There are four main types of braces: prophylactic, functional, supportive, and rehabilitative. Prophylactic braces are generally worn while the wearer plays sports or engages in physical activity. If you've already injured a joint and are now recovering from that injury, functional or supportive braces may help. Often, after surgery, rehabilitative braces will be used to promote the proper healing duration. Unloader and offloader braces are most commonly worn by people with osteoarthritis because they take pressure off key areas.

Braces can be made out of several different materials. These materials may include plastic, metal, rubber, or foam. The most common type of support is knee bracing, however, arthritis support can also come in the form of ankle, wrist, or back bracing.


Knee Brace




Treatment and Support


After a joint related injury or diagnosis of arthritis, your doctor may recommend a nonsurgical treatment such as a brace to relieve pain and discomfort. To help alleviate this pain, braces redistribute weight away from the injured joint. A brace may also provide compression, which keeps your joint in place. This could also reduce swelling that occurs after physical activity in those who have been diagnosed with arthritis. Wearing a brace while doing daily tasks will have you as confident as ever because you're supported no matter what!

Benefiting from a brace is not something everyone can afford to do. The location of the damage or your instability will determine the effectiveness of the brace. At Lindsey Medical Supply, we have a plethora of braces targeting many joints around the body. If you have any questions, stop by one of our stores located in Oklahoma.

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