Having a baby can be an exciting time that can come with some stressful situations. Whether you're a new mom, or have experience rearing children, making sure you have everything ready for your baby is important. Once they're here, you won't have time to get the supplies you need. Come to Lindsey Medical Supply! Our staff will help you get what you need.


Breast Pumps


A number of mothers are able go without breast pumps, however, they can make feeding your child so much easier. The hard part is finding a pump that works for you. Breast pumps are typically either manual or automatic. What's important is finding a pump that is comfortable for you as you'll be using it multiple times a day.


Breast Pump




Insulated Cooler Bag

Maternity Accessories


These accessories include carrying bags for breast pumps and insulated cooler bags to keep milk fresh when you're on-the-go. We also sell car adapters for automatic breast pumps. These adapters come with different voltages so make sure you know what kind of charger your breast pump requires.


At Lindsey Medical Supply, we understand that having a baby comes with a lot of pressure and stress. We'd like to relieve that stress by offering select breast pumps that are billable through insurance. So come get your breast pump today! We are located in Oklahoma.

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