Walking canes can be helpful if you have minor problems with balance or stability, some weakness in your leg or trunk, an injury, or certain pains that make it difficult to ambulate properly. If you fall into any of those groups, you may wonder, "Where can I find a durable and inexpensive cane near me?" At Lindsey Medical Supply, we carry a wide selection of standard and heavy duty walking canes, as well as specialty canes, and we're here to help you find the one that fits your lifestyle perfectly.

Canes and Accessories


There are many different types of canes all with similar uses. These may include: folding canes, resizable canes, built-in seat canes, quad based canes, and canes for the visually impaired. Cane tips and straps are accessories that can increase the life of your cane and the safety of its use. There are plenty of materials to choose from as well. Something important to consider when choosing a cane is your height. If your cane is too short, or too tall, you may discover that it causes some discomfort, or find that it lacks the proper support. Rest assured, there are plenty of options to choose from, and you will be able to customize the cane to your liking. Once you've found the right one for you, it's important that you learn how to walk with it.


Senior with walking cane



Walking with a Cane in Your Daily Life


How to Walk with a Cane


Walking with a cane can feel odd at first, but with persistent use, and practice, it'll become like second nature. To properly walk with a cane, you'll want to hold the cane on your stronger/unaffected side to support the other, weaker side. As you step forward with the weak, or injured leg, move the cane forward simultaneously. It's important that you move the cane the same distance as your average step. If you feel like you need to catch up with the cane, that may affect your posture and cause additional back pain.



Going up and Down the Stairs



Stairs can be intimidating when you're using a cane. Whether you've done it before, or it's your first time, always remember: go slow! When going up the stairs, stand close to the first step and step up with the stronger leg. Lean forward and accompany your cane with your weaker leg. Repeat this until you have reached the top.


How to Use a Cane on Stairs



Going down the stairs can be more dangerous, but this time gravity is on your side. Begin by stepping down with your weak leg and cane at the same time. Your stronger leg should follow. Try to maintain correct posture and avoid leaning forward as much as possible. Remember to take your time!


If you find yourself needing a cane, you might be somewhat stressed and confused about which one will work best for you. We hope this guide was informative enough to help you make that decision. Our staff is well educated so if you would like to speak with someone about a new cane, visit us at Lindsey Medical Supply in Moore, Edmond, or Oklahoma City, Oklahoma!

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