Shoes are an integral part of everyday life. Without them, we'd be in a lot more pain than usual. Fortunately, shoes are widely available and the market for footwear isn't going away any time soon. However, people diagnosed with diabetes need a special type of shoe due to poor circulation and neuropathy. These diabetic shoes also allow for custom shoe inserts.


Diabetic Shoes


Diabetic shoes are designed in a specific way to help protect the wearer's feet from skin breakdown and infection. Because someone who has been diagnosed with diabetes typically has less feeling in their feet, it's hard for them to tell if a shoe fits properly or not. We offer a large selection of diabetic shoes, however, you should talk to your doctor about finding the right pair for you.


Diabetic Shoe



Orthotic Insoles




Orthotics can be placed inside a shoe if the wearer has biomechanical issues with how they walk, stand, or run. They are often used in diabetic shoes as a way to alleviate severe foot pain or to reduce pressure and friction along the soles of the feet. These inserts provide more support and protection than regular shoes and can prevent skin breakdown.


It's important to find the right shoe for you whether you have been diagnosed with diabetes or not. Since you'll be walking around in them all day, they should be comfortable as well as provide proper protection from the elements of nature. At Lindsey Medical Supply, we have protection and support for the most vital parts of your mobility: your feet. Come see us today! We proudly serve Oklahoma City and the surrounding area.

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