Vive Health Lotion Applicator Replacement Pads
Lotion Applicator Replacement Pads
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Vive Health

Lotion Applicator Replacement Pads

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Product description:

Great for applying lotions, creams, gels and ointments on hard to reach areas such as the back and soles of the feet
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Product information


    Easily replace worn lotion pads with one of the six replacement lotion applicators


    Soft foam applicators hold and evenly distribute moisturizers, lotions, creams, sunscreens, topical ointments and thick gels


    Textured foam pads hold lotions and creams to avoid slipping off and are also nonabsorbent to minimize waste


    Reusable foam applicator pads are easily washed with warm water and a mild soap


    Includes a drawstring linen pouch for safe, convenient travel and storage


Can I wash the foam applicator pad?

Yes! To extend the life of each lotion applicator, hand wash with warm water and a mild soap and air dry.

Do you rub the lotion into the pad or just put it on the pad?

The lotion is not absorbed by the pad, but is held in place by the textured foam to be applied directly to your skin, minimizing waste.

Can I use this with a handle?

Yes! The replacement lotion applicators are designed to work with the Vive Lotion Applicator Handle. Each pad features a small opening at the base of the pad to insert a handle for applying lotion to hard to reach areas.

Can I use this to apply a prescription muscle ointment?

Yes! The textured foam pads can hold and apply a variety of topical ointments with little to no waste.

Will the applicator pad come off easily?

Yes, the pads can be replaced by holding the pad in one hand and gently pulling the handle out.

Does the lotion applicator contain latex?

No, the lotion applicator does not contain latex, however, some components may have been manufactured in a facility that also produces latex materials, so caution is advised.

Can I use this with self-tanning mousse?

Yes, the foam applicator pads are lightly textured to hold a variety of creams and lotions.

What are the lotion applicators made of?

The replacement lotion applicator pads are made with a soft, textured EVA foam.

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