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Lindsey Learning / 03 May 2022

Learning About Vehicle Lifts

Welcome to our blog about Vehicle Lifts! On this page we'll be discussing why vehicle lifts are so helpful and which of the various lifts would work best for you. Keep reading to find out what kind of lift will be compatible with your vehicle!

Why Do I Need A Vehicle Lift?

Having a vehicle lift for your scooter or power chair can provide a significant number of privileges. Whether you're traveling to another state or just going across town, a vehicle lift allows you to safely transport a scooter or power chair all while appended to your car.

Although some scooters can be disassembled with ease and transported that way, using a vehicle lift does the work for you without having to take your scooter apart. Most of the time, a smaller car won't have the space to accommodate an entire electric scooter. An exterior vehicle lift, however, can bypass the struggle of trying to fit big and bulky parts of a scooter into your vehicle.

Vehicle Lift

Owning a lift comes with many benefits. Not only does it allow you to load up a scooter or chair with a push of a button, but you no longer have to take apart your power operated vehicle just to drive across town. These lifts come in a variety of options and some are only compatible with certain cars. Before you invest in a lift, you'll need to know what kind of lift will work with your vehicle.

Interior or Exterior?

Vehicle Lift

Not all vehicle lifts are designed in the same way. Some are designed to lift a POV inside your car, protecting it from the elements of nature, while some only carry a POV behind it. Furthermore, there are some lifts that will only work with specific vehicles.

Most SUVs and Crossovers will be able to lift and stow a scooter or chair in the trunk or trail it behind the vehicle, whereas smaller vehicles like sedans or coupes will require an exterior lift. Pick up trucks, however, have a uniquely designed lift that allows the crane to reside at the back corner of the bed of the truck. These lifts work similarly to other lifts, however attach in a different manner.

Regardless of what type of vehicle you have, it's important to know what kind of lift you'd prefer. Even if you have the capacity to store a POV inside your vehicle, maybe you consistently have items in your trunk that take up too much room to allow a scooter to be stored there. On the other hand, if you're worried that the weather will be a problem and you'd prefer to have your POV in a sheltered space, invest in an interior lift. So, while it's important to know what's compatible with your vehicle, your preference can be equally as important. Now we'll show you some of Bruno's more popular lifts.

The Joey

Take a look at the Joey Vehicle Lift! This interior lift protects your scooter or power chair from the weather by storing it inside your vehicle. The Joey is compatible with vans, minivans, SUV's, and crossovers. Let's hear what Bruno, the manufacturer, has to say about this lift!

"Get one-button simplicity. Bruno's inside platform-style scooter powerchair lift, the Joey, offers unparalleled ease of use and safety. Drive your mobility device onto the platform, press a button and Bruno's Joey lifts your scooter or power chair into your vehicle and gently tucks it into the cargo area."

The Joey is a very popular lift for those who are looking for an interior lift. While it may take up space in the back of your vehicle, it is fully protected from the outside weather.

The Chariot

Check out the Chariot Vehicle Lift! This exterior lift is compatible with just about any vehicle other than pick-up trucks. Let's hear what Bruno has to say about this lift!

"Enjoy maximum flexibility with Bruno's Chariot. Transport mobility devices behind almost any vehicle using Bruno’s exterior scooter/power chair lift, the Chariot. The Chariot's independent suspension carries the load's weight and 360-degree spinning wheels make it easy for anyone to maneuver."

The Chariot is a go-to for people with cars that don't have space to accommodate a POV. Although it isn't shielded from the weather, the ease of use makes up for it.

The Out Rider

If you're looking for a lift that's designed for wheelchairs, look no further. The Out Rider by Bruno is reliable and designed to withstand the harsh elements of nature. Let's hear what Bruno has to say about it!

"Use the wheelchair lift designed just for pickups. Connect the Out-Rider to your mobility device, and press the button to lift and rotate your wheelchair, scooter or power chair into the truck bed."

The Out Rider is an excellent choice for pickup trucks. It gets rid of the hassle of loading a wheelchair in the bed of a truck. This allows a disabled person to maintain their independence by automating the entire process.

The Curb Sider

Last but not least, The Curb Sider is an interior lift that is compatible with vans, minivans, SUV's, crossovers, and pick up trucks! Let's see what Bruno says about it!

"Make it easy with Bruno's hoist lift, the Curb-Sider. Offering multiple lift capacities and versions, the Curb-Sider can deliver the best match for your power wheelchair or scooter and vehicle. When installed inside a vehicle, the Curb-Sider's compact design allows third-row seating to be maintained when a mobility device isn't present. Stand by the bumper, connect a docking device, push a button and the Curb-Sider lifts and stows your mobility device."

The Curb Sider is easily one of the best lifts Bruno offers. With its compact design, which allows for more space in the back seat, and varying weight capacities, the Curb Sider is an obvious choice for almost any vehicle.

We hope you've found this article helpful in determining the best lift for you! If you have questions about Vehicle Lifts, call us or stop by one of our locations today!

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