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Shower Stool

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Product description:

Provides safe seating while showering independently
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Great for seniors, those with balance issues, limited mobility or chronic fatigue, the shower stool provides safe seating for showering independently


Lightly textured, the composite seat is 12.5” for a comfortable secure seat while showering


Legs are capped with nonslip, anti-skid tips and are angled to provide greater stability and security


Measuring 14” at the base, the portable shower stool easily fits in most bathtubs and showers


Seat height can be adjusted between 13.7” to 20.7” for a safe, customized experience for every individual


Supporting up to 250 pounds, the frame is made with a corrosion-resistant aluminum for exceptional durability


How do I assemble my shower stool?

Working on a flat surface, place the stool seat with the bottom facing you on the work surface. Starting with the leg frame with the concave surface on the underside, align the leg frame with the screw holes in the chair seat and fasten the outer holes with the hand knob screws and washers.Then, align the leg frame with the concave surface on the top surface with the remaining screw holes and secure the outer holes with the hand knob screws and washers.Attach the final hand screw knob and washer through the center hole, securing the entire frame in place. Adjust legs to the desired height by depressing the push pin and gently pulling the leg extension out.

How much weight can the shower stool support?

The stool safely supports up to 250 pounds.

Is the stool sturdy enough for applications outside the shower?

Yes, the stool is built with a durable aluminum frame to support you in a variety of circumstances. As long as you have a level surface the shower stool will work for you.

Does this come with armrests or back support?

No, the stool does not have armrests or back support, however, both of those features are available on our Shower Chair.

I have a narrow shower, will it fit?

Yes, the compact stool has a narrow 13” base to easily fit in narrow showers and tubs.

What is the width of the seat?

The stool seat is 12.5” wide.

I am a large person, will this stool work for me?

At the Vive Health office, we have a gentleman who is 6'6" and 245 pounds and he can use it comfortably.

Does the stool collect water?

No, the stool is waterproof and allows water to easily drain off to eliminate water pooling uncomfortably.

Is this safe to use in my acrylic tub?

Yes, the legs are capped with a nonslip tip to prevent sliding and marring the tub surface.

Would it be easy to take apart for storage or travel?

Yes, the stool can be disassembled for convenient storage or travel.

Is this safe for use following a hip replacement?

Yes! The stool provides safe seating while showering and is height adjustable for a comfortable fit following surgery or injury.

How high will the shower seat go?

The seat adjusts to a maximum height of 20.7”.

How far apart are the legs?

The base measures 13” across at the minimum seat height and 14” across at the maximum seat height.

Is it rust-proof?

Yes! The shower stool frame is constructed with a corrosion-resistant aluminum for exceptional durability.

Can I use this stool over the edge of the tub so that two legs are on the inside and two on the outside?

Because the leg height is adjustable, it may be possible to use the stool this way. For a safe and stable option, the transfer bench is designed to straddle the tub edge, allowing you to easily enter and exit the tub.

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Seat Dimensions:12.5”
Height Range:13.7” to 20.7”
Weight Capacity:300 lbs
Materials:Lightweight aluminum frame

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