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Loofah Brush
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Loofah Brush

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Product description:

For cleansing and exfoliating the skin in hard to reach areas
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Product information


    A curved, 17-inch handle allows you to easily clean hard to reach areas without twisting or bending


    Super soft mesh loofah gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin


    A nonslip, textured sleeve provides a secure grip while bathing


    A thick cord loop provides a convenient storage solution and easily slides on your wrist to prevent dropping it when wet


    Protected with a clear, antibacterial finish for exceptional durability


    A firm mesh hand loofah is also included for exfoliating rough skin


What type of soap do I use with my loofah brush?

The loofah brush works well with any type of shower gel, body wash or shampoo.

What is the actual length of the Vive loofah brush?

The loofah brush is 17.32” long with a hanging cord that is 14” long.

Can the loofah pouf be replaced?

No, at this time a replacement loofah is not available.

How often should I replace my loofah brush?

The loofah brush should be replaced when signs of wear are visible. On average, about every 2-3 months.

Does the loofah brush come wrapped in sanitary packaging?

Yes, the mesh loofah brush is individually boxed.

Is the loofah washable?

Yes, to preserve the quality of your loofah soak the head with diluted bleach and rinse thoroughly on a weekly basis.

Should I dry my loofah after every use?

Yes, shake out & hang your loofah to dry after using. This helps to preserve the life of your loofah and prevents bacteria growth.

How soft is the mesh on the Vive loofah brush?

The Vive loofah brush is made with a silky soft mesh suitable for sensitive skin. The hand loofah mesh is medium soft to firm, best used for exfoliating and cleansing rough skin such as the feet and elbows.

What is the diameter of each loofah puff?

The soft mesh loofah puff measures approximately 4.5” in diameter. The handheld loofah measures approximately 4” in diameter.

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