Vive Health Inner Ear Hearing Amplifiers
Inner Ear Hearing Amplifiers
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Vive Health

Inner Ear Hearing Amplifiers

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Inner Ear Hearing Amplifiers variant Quantity : Pair
$196.95 USD
Inner Ear Hearing Amplifiers variant Quantity : Single
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Product description:

Increase the perceived volume of any voice with the adjustable volume control for a personalized listening experience. Powerful amplifiers are shaped to snugly fit in the canal for a discreet appearance. Each pair of amplifiers includes two pairs of stand
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Product information


Increase the perceived volume of any voice with the adjustable volume control for a personalized listening experience


Powerful amplifiers are shaped to snugly fit in the canal for a discreet appearance


Each amplifier set utilizes rechargeable batteries and includes a charging base and dual USB charging cable to provide up to 20 listening hours per charge


Safely stores the hearing amplifiers, charging bases, USB cable and extra ear tips when not in use


Each pair of amplifiers includes two pairs of standard soft, silicone ear tips and one pair of small ear tips for a comfortable fit in either ear




How do I charge the hearing amplifiers?

The hearing amplifier set includes two charging bases and a USB cable with dual charging ports for quick, convenient charging. Place the sound amplifier in the charging base with the notched side down. Gently adjust the amplifiers to ensure the charging contacts are properly seated in the case. Attach the USB cable to each charging base. A red light indicates the device is charging. The light turns green when fully charged.

How long will a battery typically last?

The rechargeable batteries are designed to last up to 500 charging cycles. With proper care and regular charging, the batteries may last beyond 1000 charging cycles.

How many channels does the amplifier have?

The sound amplifiers utilize one channel for listening in any environment.

How do I turn the amplifiers off?

To turn the hearing amplifiers off, press and hold the home button until an audible tone sounds.

Can I use the amplifier while talking on the phone?

Yes! The hearing amplifier will not interfere with talking on a phone. To avoid feedback, use the hands-free function or place the speaker towards the amplifier.

Will the amplifiers work with my cell phone?

Yes, the hearing amplifiers will not interfere with cell phone use. For the best listening experience, turn on the hearing aid compatibility feature available on most devices.

Are these good for those with bad hearing loss?

The ITC hearing amplifiers are designed to assist those with mild hearing loss.

Will it fit small ears?

Yes, the hearing amplifiers include two sizes of ear tips for a comfortable fit for most adult ear sizes.

Can the volume be set for each ear individually?

Yes, the hearing amplifiers are stand-alone devices and can be adjusted individually.

What causes feedback in my sound amplifier?

Feedback is primarily caused by air leakage. To minimize feedback, use the largest ear tip that is comfortable and ensures it is fully seated in the ear.

Do these also reduce background noises?

Yes, the sound amplifiers reduce background noise in normal settings as well as noisy settings.

How do I adjust the volume?

The volume can be adjusted by pressing the home button. The personal amplifiers have six preset volume levels. Once reaching the sixth level, the amplifier resets to the lowest volume level when the home button is pressed again.

Why does my hearing amplifier squeak?

The hearing devices will squeak due to interference with the microphone. Turning the hearing amps off before charging will prevent them from squeaking.

Does this also include a charger?

The set includes sound amplifiers, charging bases, a dual USB charging cable, two sizes of ear tips and a protective storage case.


- For amplifying voices while reducing background noise
- Suitable for adults with mild hearing loss


- 1”


Care Instructions:
- Remove all debris from the ear cap before and after each use. Use the cleaning brush to clean any earwax adhered to the ear cap hole
- Remove the battery from the hearing amplifier before cleaning
- Clean the hearing amplifier and the earplugs with a clean, dry cloth after each use. Use a mild soapy solution if necessary. Never use abrasive, corrosive or solvent-based cleaning products
- Allow the hearing amplifier to dry fully after cleaning. Store the hearing amplifier in a safe, dry and clean place. Never immerse the hearing amplifier under water, as this can damage the amplifier


What’s Included:
- Vive Precision Inner Ear Amplifier-One pair
- Six Ear Tips-Two sizes
- Two Charging Bases
- Dual USB Charging Cable
- Zippered Storage Case
- Illustrated Manual
- One Year Guarantee
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