Vive Health Inflatable Balance Disc
Inflatable Balance Disc
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Vive Health

Inflatable Balance Disc

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Product description:

Improving core stability, balance and postureIncreasing muscle strength, stability and tone Relieving tension and back pain Promoting focus and concentration
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Product information


Promotes increased focus and concentration while improving core stability and balance


Activate muscle and effectively strengthen, stabilize and tone muscles


Great for those who stay seated throughout the day, the cushion provides tension release to reduce back pain and fatigue


Includes a raised dimple surface for greater traction while exercising and a studded massage side for comfortable seating


Latex-free and tear-resistant, the wobble cushion supports up to 440 pounds


Includes an air pump to inflate the cushion to your desired level of firmness and easily deflate it for convenient storage and travel




Will it come with one or two discs in a pack?

This set includes one wobble cushion and one air pump.

Does it include an air pump with a needle to inflate it?

Yes! The wobble cushion includes an air pump to easily inflate it.

Can you deflate it and then inflate it again?

Yes! The cushion can be deflated for storage or travel and inflated as needed with the included air pump.

Is this only for adults or can kids use it too?

This cushion is great for any age, providing active seating with sensory input if desired.

What type of material is it made of?

It is constructed with a latex-free composite material that is tear-resistant for long-term usability.

How do I deflate the cushion?

To deflate the wobble cushion, detach the needle from the air pump and insert it into the valve on the cushion. Gently press the cushion to release air until the desired firmness is reached or the cushion in completely deflated.

What is the diameter of the cushion?

The cushion is 12.5” in diameter.

What is the weight capacity?

The wobble cushion supports up to 440 pounds.

Can I stand on this with shoes on?

Yes! The wobble disc can be used with or without shoes.

Are there different grips on each side?

Yes, one side features a raised dimple pattern for greater traction while the reverse side has a studded massaging surface.

Could I use this at my standing desk?

Yes, it could be used when working at a standing desk.

How high is the wobble cushion when inflated?

The cushion is approximately 4” high when fully inflated.

Should the cushion be flat across the top or slightly rounded when inflated?

The wobble cushion will be slightly rounded when fully inflated.

Will this fit on my office chair?

Yes! The wobble disc is 12.5” in diameter, easily fitting on most office chairs.

Can I use this while driving?

Yes, the wobble cushion can be used while traveling for greater comfort.

Is it latex-free?

Yes! It is latex-free.


- Improving core stability, balance and posture
- Increasing muscle strength, stability and tone
- Relieving tension and back pain
- Promoting focus and concentration


- Latex-free composite


- 12.5”


Care Instructions:
- Wipe down with cool water and a mild soap
- Air dry


What’s Included:
- Wobble cushion
- Pump
- 60 day guarantee
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