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Ice Cane Tip
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Ice Cane Tip

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Product description:

For increasing balance and stability on slippery and uneven surfaces
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Product information


    Reduces slips and fall due to slippery or uneven surfaces such as snow, ice, gravel and sand


    Easily attaches to any cane, crutch or walker up to 3.75” in diameter


    Five prong design bites into the surface for increased stability and balance


    Rubber buffer prevents the ice tip attachment from sliding and scratching the cane


    Ice tips flip up for safe indoor use and to also prevent excessive wear and tear


    Constructed with carbon steel for exceptional durability


Can I use the cane ice tips on an outdoor walking staff for hiking?

Yes, the ice tips can be used on any cane or walking staff provided the diameter falls between 2” and 3.75”.

Do the five prongs retract on the cane ice tips?

The prongs do not retract but do lift up 180 degrees to lay flush against the cane shaft for indoor use and use on hard surfaces such as cement and pavement.

Will the ice tip attachments work on a quad cane?

Due to the multi-prong design of these canes, the ice tips will not be able to be secured in place.

Will the ice tip fit on crutches?

Yes, the cane ice tip securely attaches to most crutch types

Can I use the cane ice tips on my walker?

Yes, the Vive ice tip attachments can be used on any walker, crutch or cane ranging from 2”-3.75” in diameter.

Are the cane ice tips sold as a pair?

Yes! The ice tips are sold as a pair.

Will these work on both ice and concrete?

Yes! The ice tips will grip the ice for added stability and flip up along the can shaft for safely walking on concrete.

Is there something to keep the tips from scratching my cane?

Yes! The cane ice tips include a nonslip rubber pad to protect the cane shaft from scratches and scuffs.

How do I attach the ice tips to my cane?

Ensuring the rubber pad is between the tip mechanism and the cane, place the clamp on the opposite side of the cane with the holes aligned. Use a philips head screwdriver to tighten screws on both sides to lock ice tips in place.

How do I fold the tips up to walk inside?

Easily transition from indoors to out and back by pressing the two black knobs and lifting the ice tips upward to rest against the cane shaft or pushing the ice tips downward until you hear an audible click ensuring they are locked in place.

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