Vive Health Hot and Cold Wrap
Hot and Cold Wrap
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Vive Health

Hot and Cold Wrap

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Product description:

For cold or hot therapy to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation
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Product information


    Hot and cold gel pack provides targeted relief for the neck, back, shoulders, hip, wrist, knee and more


    Frozen gel retains some flexibility to contour to the body to effectively reduce swelling, inflammation and pain


    Adjustable fastener straps ensure a secure, non-slip fit for active individuals


    Durable multi-purpose gel pack is leak proof


    Wrap contains high grade, non-toxic gel


    Thin and lightweight, the gel pack is a welcome addition to first aid supplies


How large is the actual gel park of the gel pack?

The gel pack measures 14.5” by 5.75”.

Once heated, how long will the gel pack stay hot?

The gel retains heat for 15 minutes or more, however, it is not recommended to exceed 15-20 minutes of use per hour.

How long will my multipurpose gel pack stay frozen when I’m using it?

The gel will remain frozen for 45 minutes or more, however, it is not recommended to exceed 15-20 minutes of use per hour.

Will the gel pack fit around my waist to use on my lower back?

Yes, the adjustable straps are sized to accommodate waist sizes up to 44”.

Is the hot and cold gel pack odorless?

Yes! The pack contains a nontoxic odorless gel.

Will it fit around my neck?

Yes, the adjustable straps will allow you to comfortably use it around your neck. If sizing is a concern, the neck ice pack is contoured to securely rest on the neck and upper shoulders for targeted relief.

How long is each adjustable strap?

Each stretchable strap is 13.25” long.

Do I put the whole unit in the freezer?

Yes, the gel pack is a single unit and can safely be stored in the freezer until needed.

Can I use this on my head to relieve a migraine?

Yes, the gel pack can be used on your head with the straps safely secured to one side.

How do you heat it in a microwave?

Lay the pack flat on a paper towel or paper plate. Heat for 30 seconds at full power. Remove from microwave and gently knead to evenly distribute the heat. Continue to heat at 10-second intervals until the desired temperature reached. Caution: If the pack begins to expand, stop the microwave and allow to cool, checking for leaks before attempting to reheat.

Can I use this on my elbow?

Yes, the pack will conform to fit around the elbow, however, it may limit your range of motion while in place.

Is the gel pack latex-free

Yes, the gel pack is latex-free.

Is the gel pack soft or stiff?

The gel pack is soft to the touch, however, it is always recommended that a cloth or towel be placed between the gel pack and bare skin.

Can you use it for moist heat?

Although the gel pack does not include a moist heat component, using a dampened cloth or towel between the gel pack and skin will produce a moist heat. For a hassle-free moist heat alternative, our heating pad includes a moisture sheet for deep penetrating relief.

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