Vive Health Compact Overbed Table
Compact Overbed Table
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Vive Health

Compact Overbed Table

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Product description:

For providing a convenient bedside surface to make meals and activities easier
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Product information


    Perfect at the bedside, couch or recliner, the compact overbed table provides a stable surface for enjoying meals and tilts for computer work, gaming or other activities


    A simple knob allows the table to be adjusted for comfortable use between 28” to 47”


    Compact design with four swivel castors allows the overbed table to be positioned on the left or right side of any bed, couch or chair


    Featuring a small rim to prevent items from sliding off, the tabletop is made with a water-resistant composite material


    Constructed with a durable steel frame to safely support up to 22 pounds


    Easily assemble the compact overbed table in minutes with illustrated step-by-step instructions


What is the range of height for the compact overbed table?

The Vive compact overbed table height can be easily adjusted from a minimum of 28” to a maximum height of 47”.

How much space is between the ends of the rolling base?

The wheeled table base measures 24” in length.

How do I lock the compact overbed wheels in place?

The column wheels have a slide lock that should be pushed downward to lock in place.

Is there a weight limit for the overbed table?

Yes, the overbed table will safely support up to 22 pounds, however, weight should be evenly distributed to avoid damaging the surface or property. It is not suitable for televisions or desktop computers.

Does the overbed tray swivel from side to side?

The overbed table tray does not swivel but rests on four swivel castors to easily maneuver the table out of the way.

How large is the overbed table surface?

The compact overbed table measures 24” by 16”.

What is the height of the base that slides under the bed?

The wheeled base measures 3” in height.

Does the table have a lip to prevent things from sliding off?

Yes! The overbed table has a small lip around the entire tabletop to prevent things from sliding off.

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