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Product description:

For easy, thorough personal cleansing
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Product information


    Ideal for any bathroom, the bidet makes improving personal hygiene effortless and comfortable


    Effectively reduces paper waste by providing a thorough cleaning after using the bathroom


    Retractable, self-cleaning nozzles provide a moderate posterior cleansing or a gentle, feminine cleansing


    Easily adjust the intensity of the spray with the bidet control knob for personal comfort


    Includes all necessary hardware, plumbers tape and illustrated directions for easy installation


    Easy to clean, the slim bidet is durably constructed with a sleek modern appearance to blend with any bathroom decor



Will my toilet seat be level with the bidet installed?

The Vive bidet includes four toilet seat spacers to level the toilet seat if necessary following installation.

Can I clean the self-cleaning nozzles too?

Yes! The bidet includes a self-cleaning mode, however, the bidet can be cleaned with a soft cloth and standard household disinfectant or disinfectant wipe as needed.

Can I adjust the spray intensity?

Yes! The bidet produces a range of spray intensities controlled with the bidet knob located on the right side of the bidet.

How far out does the bidet stick out from the toilet when installed?

The Vive bidet measures 16.5”. The amount that extends past the toilet base will vary due to differences in the shape of base from brand to brand.

What size is the T valve?

The included valve measures 7/8", fitting most toilet tank fill valves.

The water line to the toilet is cold. Will it be too cold for a bidet?

While yes, the bidet connects to the cold water line of the toilet, for most individuals the water feels refreshingly cool, not ice cold.

Is the bidet easy to install?

Yes! The Vive bidet is easy to install and includes both video instructions and an illustrated manual for easy to follow directions.

Is the bidet hose flexible?

Yes, the bidet water supply hose is flexible for easy use.


- For easy, thorough personal cleansing


- Bidet: 16.5” by 5”
- Thickness: 0.24”
- Bidet controller: 2.75”
- Water inlet valve: 7/8"


- Stainless steel
- Brass
- Zinc alloy
- Ceramic
- Chrome
- Composite


Care Instructions:
- Wipe down the bidet with a standard household disinfectant


What’s Included:
- Vive Bidet
- T-valve
- Stainless steel supply hose
- Two adjustable plates
- Threaded seal tape
- Rubber seals
- Plumbers thread tape
- Four toilet seat spacer
- Illustrated manual
- One year guarantee
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